Research and Training

We are constantly researching ways of reaching rural areas in Africa, the 10/40 windows and young adults (through Technology “Internet and digital media”) with the gospel of Christ.

Research Surveys

  1. Internet and Mobile Usage in rural communities
  2. What Nigerians Search for on the Internet
  3. Searching for the Man of Peace in 10/40 Window
  4. Digital Literacy Level in African Churches

Some of our Training Programmes

  1. ICT Empowerment Outreach
  2. Discipleship for Development (D4D)
  3. IT Boot Camp – IT Skill Acquisition
  4. Digital Parenting – helping parents navigate the digital world to help their wards
  5. Digital Literacy for Schools (Teachers and Student)
  6. Internet Evangelism Awareness Seminar
  7. Digital Ministry – helping ministers reach  beyond borders
  8. Personal Digital Outreach – Influencing the world with your gifts, talents and professions
  9. Building Online Community – for Evangelism & Discipleship
  10. Digital Day of Outreach Training – walking through the web together to introduce the gospel on social media.
  11. Online Mentoring
  12. Web & Mobile App Development
  13. Graphic and Animation Designs
  14. Writing for the Web & Blogging
  15. Making of Short-Film

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