A global Christian is one that lives by the great commandment (Maatthew 22:36-40) and runs with the great commission (Matthew 28:18-20). They are Christ-centered multiplying disciples who disciple others for Christ. We trust God to raise Christians who will be actively involved with a local church and have a global vision of reaching the world for Christ through the digital ministries (using Technology to help fulfill the great commission).

We do this through the “WIN-BUILD-SEND” or “GATHER-BUILD-SEND” concept of spiritual multiplication process. We help everyone to go through this process and challenge them to repeat the process for others locally and globally with digital media both online and offline. All the training listed on previous pages are tailored towards raising a global Christian through this process.

We raise global Christians through

  1. Workshop & Seminars
  2. Short-Term & Intensive Training
  3. WhatsApp Groups (Social Media)
  4. Mentor Centre and Websites (tmm.io, iocarementor.com, adullam.online, digitallearninghub.com, digitalmissionteam.net, everystudent.com etc)
  5. Indigitous Movement
  6. Schools and Churches
  7. Offices, Colleges & Seminaries