We are grateful for the opportunity of using existing online platforms, contents and strategies from our brethren in the west since 2005. Most of the content sometimes need to be contextualized to reach our unique cultures, tribes and nations in Africa.

Therefore, we have started developing online contents, platforms and strategies through research and consultation with churches, para-church and mission organizations. We do these through the contribution of (i) IT Skilled Believers, (ii) our trained mission team and (iii) professionals with fee.

Ongoing Development Projects

  1. mDiscipleship Android App (DMTN)
  2. Learning Management System with Student Information System (Portal)
  3. AskBuddy Web and Mobile App (Indigitous)
  4. Journey in the Word Bible Game Web App (Indigitous)
  5. Walking With Jesus Bible Study Web App (Indigitous)
  6. DigiChurch Web App (Indigitous)
  7. Walking With Jesus Bible Study Web App (Indigitous)
  8. Online Mentors Portal (DMTN)

What we need to complete these projects!

  1. Android, PHP (Laravel), Javascript, HTML, MySQL, WordPress Developers
  2. Inspirational Writers
  3. Curriculum developers
  4. Funds donors/developers
  5. Church, Missions, Youth, Teenagers Leaders

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